Boxing: Victor Ortiz vs Josesito Lopez

by fredvallejojr

I’m not going to break down the fight itself. Just my thoughts on the aftermath. But for any of you who are living under a rock and don’t know the end result…Lopez wins via TKO when Ortiz can’t continue after the 9th.

Boxing fans PLEASE STOP!!! I just don’t get it. Why are we so quick to eat our own? I don’t hold anything against the kid for personally throwing in the towel. Heck, I still have no ill will against him for the Maidana fight. Why? Because boxing is such a brutal sport. You have to know before you step in the ring that you ARE going to get cracked in the face! As much training you do to have “snap” to your punches, you have to train the same way to take those snappy punches to the body and head. It’s not easy!

Back to Ortiz, I still like the kid. I’m happy for Lopez for getting the win but I have nothing against Ortiz. The kid had his jaw broke! Yeah some great fighters have fought through such an injury. Ali comes to mind when he fought through such an injury against Ken Norton. Ok, Ali was a GREAT fighter. True! But also great fighters threw in the towel. Erik El Terrible” Morales against Pacquiao in their third and final bout. And if you’re gonna question Morales’s cojones, well you’re not a fight fan my friend.

All in saying is, let’s not be so hard on Ortiz. His fight against Lopez was entertaining before the end. He IS an entertaining fighter and I’ll definitely watch him again:)